Yeah…I don’t know what’s happening

The silent treatment continued all weekend, not that I mind that anymore, then he left on Sunday. I did not know he had left for the week. I woke up and he was just gone. My daughter told me that he had gone for the next ten days.

At first I was elated! Then, the text messages started.

Lets back up a little bit. I should tell you that I noticed that the passive aggressive game had been stepped up. I do not like to be cold. It physically hurts me to be cold. It was 54 degrees outside and he turned on the air conditioner. He set it to 52 degrees. I didn’t know that was possible but apparently, it is.

He had to have been freezing! He wasn’t giving up though. Fortunately for me, I have an electric blanket. At this point, I felt like we were Tom and Jerry. I wasn’t about to say a word because I knew he wanted a fight and he wasn’t about to turn off the A/C because he wanted to win the silent war.

I turned my blanket up to 7 and slept like a baby.

The text messages that he sent after he left threw me for a loop. You all know that I shamed him for not contributing to our daughter’s wedding. He text me that he left her a large check and I needed to give it to her. I also shamed him for the fact that my Jeep is dying while the phallus is serviced on a weekly basis. He suddenly wants to fix my Jeep. That was also sent in a text message. Whether he will or not remains to be seen.

Then, late Sunday night, he sent me a text with a picture of what he is currently working on. I’m thinking he meant to send it to someone else. I think that because when I responded that it was beautiful (he travels the country doing historic restoration) the conversation was stiff and he wanted to end it quickly. He also told me, rather sarcastically, that he is renting a tuxedo for our daughter’s wedding.

First of all, YAY ME for shaming him into acting like a man for a whole minute and being there for our child on her big day. I should not have had to have said anything to him about it but since I did and did it rather forcefully (let’s face it, I was being hateful) he is now stepping up for her. She is so relieved! I will never tell her how it happened. She doesn’t need to know. I will just let her think her Daddy wanted to make her day special. Is that wrong of me?

It seems like, when I step into the fire with Mister, his mommy is standing in the flames too. Yes, we’re fighting again. She wants me to apologize for not forgiving her for abusing two of my children. I will tell you about that later. I’m too pissed off about it right now.

Here’s the thing… fuck you! If you abuse a child especially MY child – you don’t get my forgiveness.

She has said that she won’t come to the wedding unless I forgive her. She wants that forgiveness on facebook where the family can see. Not happening. Keep your ass at home.

I’m sure Mister will have something to say about it. I’m not backing down. I may have been abused but I will not tolerate my babies being abused by anyone!

Now I’m wondering why I allowed myself to be abused when I am so fierce when it comes to my children. Am I ever going to figure me out?



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