Getting What I Wished For

Day one of his three day weekend. I guess it’s more like three and a half days since he got home around three this afternoon.

So far, I’m getting what I wished for: the silent treatment.

I enjoy the silent treatment with him. He just goes to his bedroom and only comes out for food and tea. He didn’t even say “Hi” to me when he walked through the door. He just walked right passed me without looking at me and went to his room.

At first, I was on edge. When he walked passed me, I didn’t know if he was going to turn around and start yelling or if he would just leave me alone.  I hope the rest of the weekend goes as well.

I don’t like arguing with anyone but with Mister, it is impossible to come out of an argument without feeling like I just got off of a merry-go-round travelling at the speed of light. I usually can’t even remember most of what was said and I always end up looking like the bad guy.

More and more, I have been catching the moment that he spins things around on me to make himself look like the innocent victim. I don’t catch it every time. When I miss it, I end up feeling confused and a bit shell shocked. He can gas light and whip up a word salad with the best of them. That is why I am happy to have the silent treatment.

A friend of mine read this blog last night and then sent me a message. “You need to get out. Now.” I know that I do. Believe me, I know. I am working on it.

My plans are coming along nicely and I have managed to keep what I’m doing a secret. I have told only one person all that I am doing to get out. I told her because she has been my best friend for twenty years and once I am out, I’m going to help her get out of her abusive marriage.

If the silent treatment holds for the rest of the weekend and he stays in his room, that is three more days that I don’t have to stop what I am doing in order to move forward. Stopping for three days is a big deal to me. I’m not willing to waste any more time than I absolutely have to.

Here’s to hoping the silent treatment lasts.


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