It’s the little things

It’s like that pea underneath the stack of mattresses that plagued the princess all night. I’m no princess but I do understand how the little things can drive you insane.

I had gotten used to Mister leaving for work for ten days at a time. I had actually forgotten about all of the little annoying things that he does just to aggravate. I guess he thought that since he hasn’t been around to be an epic pain in the butt, he’d better step up his game.

This morning he said he was going to work. That was a lie. I don’t know where he went for most of the day, other than he did return with a suit to wear for the wedding, but I do know that he did not go to work.

He works in construction. He came home wearing one of his nicest pair of jeans, new shoes (not work boots) a brand new shirt and cologne. Lots of cologne. When he goes to work, he wears old jeans, one of his many stained white T-shirts and steel toe work boots. He comes home filthy. Not smelling like he just swam in a pool of his favorite cologne. He changed into work clothes once he came home so he could mow the yard.

The nit-picking has been outrageous. Last night, he took all of the forks out of the silverware drawer and hid them in his room. Why?  Hell if I know!

When I asked where all of the forks went, he said, “I don’t know. I don’t do the dishes.” I found the entire stack on his desk and then washed them right in front of him. He acted like he had no idea what I could have been upset about.

Today, our daughter caught him going through my phone. She told me to start locking it when I put it down. I have nothing to hide, but she made a good point…would he allow me to go through his phone? No. Then why should he be allowed to go through mine?

After I made dinner tonight, Mister decided that he didn’t like what I had made. Without saying a word, he jumped in the phallus and left. 45 minutes later, he returned with two pizzas. It wouldn’t have bothered me if he had said that he wanted pizza BEFORE I had cooked dinner. He didn’t say anything. He just looked at dinner, gave one of his dramatic, heavy sighs, said, “Really?” and left. Looks like he’ll be eating leftovers tomorrow.

The heavy sighs drive me nuts.

I asked him to help me with my transmission fluid. Heavy sigh.

I asked him how his day went. Heavy sigh.

I tried to tell him how well our daughter did on her Spanish test. Heavy sigh.

He walks through the house ignoring everyone, yet he still lets out these dramatic heavy sighs.

Our youngest daughter and I are spending the night with our oldest daughter tomorrow. It’s part of wedding tradition. I’m going to tell him right before I leave. Hopefully over the roar of my engine so I won’t have to hear that stupid heavy sigh.

I hope he behaves at the wedding. He has a habit of ruining special days in order to make it all about him. I just might beat him to death if he ruins her big day. It has my nerves on edge.

I can’t remember a single holiday, birthday or special event that he didn’t deliberately ruin in order to put the attention on himself. All I can do is pray at this point and be grateful that he and I are taking separate vehicles. I just want her to have her dream wedding.

Please God, don’t let him screw this up.




2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Been thinking about you and wondering about your daughter’s wedding! Guess what … my NH bought a brand new truck and a boat!!! I think I’ll nickname his truck the “phallus ” just like you did, and the boat will be his “mistress!”

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    1. They always have to have something big and flashy, don’t they? Mister doesn’t know what ‘phallus’ means and he’s too lazy to look it up. I call his truck that in normal conversation and he doesn’t even flinch. 🙂 I hope your NH’s phallus and mistress aren’t the source of aggravation that mine are! Hugs!


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