I don’t know how to play the game

I am certain that someone on the outside looking in would be able to tell me exactly what is happening in my life and what new game he is attempting to play.

I am great at giving other people advice. It just so happens that I suck at recognizing what I am dealing with, putting a name to it, giving myself the same advice that I would give a friend and then implementing that advice.

I’m stuck in the middle of the confusion. What name am I looking for? If I could name the game, perhaps the pieces would fall into place.

I am so suspicious of him at them moment. It’s a bunch of little things but those little things add up to something bigger with him every single time. These little things feel very dark to me and I am on edge.

He wants to fix my Jeep. Why all of the sudden? He never wanted to fix it before. He is texting me full paragraphs and being nice. Why? Normally, I never hear from him when he is out-of-town and he might say two words to me when he is home.

Tonight, it struck me as funny, I got a friend request on facebook. Mister doesn’t have an account – that I know of. This was a freshly made account. No friends. No posts. Only a profile picture. Here is what struck me as funny….the lack of imagination.

Mister works for a man named Victor. He works with Victor’s son, Patrick. The name of the person who sent me the friend request? Victor Patrick. I ran the profile picture through google images. The man in the picture is a famous Bollywood star. Guess what Victor Patrick does for a living? Hahahahaha! Restoration. Though it didn’t say ‘Historic Restoration’, it did claim that he is the owner of the company. It just never named the so-called company.

Suddenly he is being nice to me. Suddenly he is promising to do things that I need done. Suddenly he is attempting to spy on me through social media. Why? What is slithering around up his sleeve?

Any ideas? Anyone?


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